In many situations a follow up is necessary. When one is a Guardian of another person, it is extremely important to “Follow Up” on “Following Up”.

Why do I say it is important? and How do I Remember to follow up?

I wish I could say I was Born this Way…but alas it is a time tested and repeated habit I needed to learn as I grew into my brother’s guardian.

I have gotten into the habit of using calendars…LOTS of them!
I have one for my brother’s appointments and activities.
I have one for my part-time work.
I have one for my appointments and activities, which includes my brother’s info.
I also have one on my phone that combines the above 3 PLUS any “Follow-Up” visits, calls or associated activities.
Once a week I coordinate all of these and make sure to change anything that needs adjusted.
I never use to be so “coordinated” or even good with following up, but since my own short-term memory issues, it has become necessary.
                     It’s How I Adult!
Yup! It happened!


  1. stand4fam on February 3, 2023 at 11:08 am

    How do you follow-Up when your “plate” is full?