As an organization focusing on family and supporting families, Stand4Fam provides an advocacy service for individuals and families that are in need of a "voice" when facing medical challenges.

This service is offered at a discounted rate based upon the finances of the individual needing assistance with their medical professionals, working with Social Security, understanding Medicaid versus Medicare, learning advocacy skills , and how to work with numerous resources and organizations at the same while keeping everything focused upon the individual needing these services.

Stand4Fam also provides FREE "BASICS 101" training on this website with videos and blogs. Check these out first and then click on the "Contact Us" link if you are needing more!



*Stand4Fam does not offer law advice, insurance advice, rental contract agreements, parenting contracts or family dispute advice. Find those resources in phone books or on web based search engines*

Advocacy / Guardianship Training

Stand4Fam provides training for families and individuals in being their own advocates or being a guardian/advocate for a loved one.

Stand4Fam will work with a family group, work group or individuals and assist them in learning how to navigate through a myriad of resources and organizations to find the ones needed for their specific situation.

Each person living with a disability and working with someone with a disability is unique so "one size" does NOT fit All. Stand4Fam's Trainers have real world experience in building "teams" and "networks" around the care of a loved one living with a disability.

One person may only need a one time appointment but another may need several.

We do not provide "quick fixes".

We provide practical skills and tools that help caregivers in providing the best possible approaches and services for their loved one.

We offer FREE online "Basics 101" 5 to 10 minutes videos and blogs. If more individualized assistance is needed Stand4Fam offers a discounted rate based upon individual income.

Click on the "Contact Us" link below to begin your personal road to effective guardianship and advocacy.

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CPR AED First Aid Trainings

Are you needing First Response training for your team or company?

Stand4Fam provides individuals, companies and organizations First Response to emergencies training at 2/3 the cost of other providers.

We offer in person and on-site training for businesses/organizations/groups in:

  • Wilderness Remote First Aid
  • BLS
  • Hands Only
  • Babysitters
  • Caregivers training
  • CPRO/Prof Rescue

The cost of the classes cover ARC Certificate fees, Travel expenses, Equipment, Supplies, Instructor Fees and pays for the cost of offering FREE "Hands Only" CPR and First Response to Junior High and High SChool students in our project #NowIKnow

Be able to say #NowIKnow for your team!

Contact Stand4Fam today by clicking on the "Contact Us" Link below.

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Empowerment begins with you!

It begins with YOU however, Stand4Fam is here to support you, your loved ones and/or your business with achieving success whether it is to advocate for yourself or a loved one or bringing up-to-date CPR-AED-First Aid training to your company. We offer numerous options and assist in bringing you together with the necessary resources needed for accomplishing your goals.

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Guardianship/Advocacy Training

Stand4Fam believes in the Family and is passionate about assisting families in overcoming the obstacles they face when their loved one is struggling with bureaucratic medical, insurance and direct care services that are bogged down in "red tape". Learn how to cut the tape and know the steps of creating action where none seem to exist. Build a team with HHS/SocSec/Doctors/Service providers/and medical professionals where you lead through positive empowerment respecting the roles each of these play within your life and the life of your loved one.

What's Next...

Not one family, individual, or story is the same.

Contact Stand4Fam to schedule a free 30 minute consult about "your story".

Just click "EMPOWERMENT".