About Us


Our Vision

We All have families.

This is what connects us.

Sometimes our families cannot assist us when we are in need. Stand4fam exists because our founder loves her brother, who is unable to speak up and advocate for himself against a system that is befuddled with bureaucratic red tape.

She has worked with his services for the past 30+ years and saw a desperate need for an organization that celebrates individuals and families through empowering them to ACT and ADVOCATE for themselves or their loved ones.

Stand4Fam believes in hand-ups and "teaching one to fish so that the one can eat everyday and not just once." That is why we offer trainings in advocacy and also an advocate service for when there isn't family to assist or the family cannot act in this role.

Our Story

We are only human.

Our story begins as your story does.

First we were born out of an idea and an emotion called LOVE!

Second we had a dream for we saw a need that was NOT being met.

Third we developed a passion for SERVICE and GIVING to others for we ARE BLESSED every single day!

On the Go and Being in the Know!

Shana Standley-Wolfe

Founder & CEO

We Serve our families. Stand4Fam is my celebration of my big brother's life and his gift to me of being blessed to be his advocate these past 30+ years!


August 2014 on the road to Bigfork

Derryl Paul Standley

My big brother and my HERO

Derryl Paul acquired a traumatic brain injury in April 1986. He spent 7 months coming out of a coma and another 8 months in in-patient rehab. Our lives joined together about 3 years later when I was 20 and he was able to live semi-independently. He has led me to understand what unconditional love is all about and how to ACT on that love in a way that celebrates families, whether genetically or emotionally. He IS the reason Stand4Fam exists!



No amount of money can cover the precious talent, skill and abilities of our volunteers!

If you are interested in volunteering and supporting families contact Stand4Fam via our email or social media sites! Everyone has a gift to share in order to serve others!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)