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Hello! We are Stand4Fam.

Stand4Fam provides advocacy services to those who need guidance and/or a voice.

Stand4Fam's CEO has over 30 years experience advocating for her brother and the students and adults she has been blessed to interact with and serve.



Stand4Fam provides an Advocate service to those who need guidance and/or a voice.

Stand4Fam's CEO has over 30 years experience advocating for her brother and the students and adults she has been blessed to interact with and serve.

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Guardianship and Advocacy Training

Stand4Fam's on-line advocacy and guardianship training is in development.

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Get Cert CPR Training

Certified CPR/AED/FA Training

Stand4Fam has ARC Certified Trainers to instruct in

  • Basic CPR/AED/FA
  • BLS
  • CPRO
  • WRFA
  • Instructor
  • Caregiver
  • Babysitter

For CPR training, contact by phone, social media, or our Contact Us page.

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Have Questions?

How does Stand4Fam know this?


We have a Director/CEO who has spent over 30 years advocating on behalf of her disabled brother, students she has worked with, the families and individuals whose paths have crossed with hers and on behalf of her own extended family.

Those who work with Stand4Fam are from all walks of life who just happen to be in need of someone to empower them so their voice is heard amongst a bureaucratic system so convoluted at times that one voice is sometimes missed by the many.

Can YOU Advocate?

The Short Answer: YES!

There are many paths to advocacy and being an advocate. However, it is more convoluted than simply stating an opinion or pushing your way through to the end result you want.

How do we do it?

The Stand4Fam Advocates are trained in Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Advocacy and Guardianship. Their personal experiences enhance their abilities to Listen and Articulate what our clients goals-objectives-needs require of the services, medical teams and businesses they interact with or hire. They are LIFE learned and bring varying degrees of knowledge that build upon the VISION, MISSION and PURPOSE of Stand4Fam.

As a Non-Profit, Stand4Fam offers reasonable pricing for their Advocate Services based upon income and need.

Our On-Line Training for Guardians and Advocates is FREE, although DONATIONS are always Welcome! Just click the DONATE BUTTON or Contact us for information on how to Donate.

Our CPR courses are FEE courses however they are discounted and competitive with other CPR training organizations. Stand4Fam focuses on groups and businesses as knowing how to respond in an emergency is simply another way to advocate for someone's life.

Are YOU Ready?

Everyone needs Someone.

Stand4Fam is Your Someone that EMPOWERS You and Your Family to Advocate for a Loved One.

It ALL Begins with a Click!