One wonders just how much “patience” one person can have.


I am one that tends to breathe, push through and then deal with all that I shoved deep inside until “AFTER” the crisis…so to speak. I am amazed at my patience level during these moments. 🙂

Know What I Mean Vern?

Truly, it's never easy and you feel as if no amount of age 
or experience grants you the patience you 
desire or need. 

Over time it becomes more apparent that 
you do have the patience needed, but 
then it turns into frustration over 
the need to continually use it in order 
to not throw your hands in the air and 
simply fire a service,
yell at a person or run away. 


There just isn’t enough “Patience” within one lil’ ‘ol person,

And as one obstacle closed, I managed to have 3 more


Complete prickly pain

in the neck

I found myself in the most unusual situation last August 2021. CoVid was just beginning to be accepted and it was becoming ‘endemic’ to the world so life must go on. Right?

Well, I learned that with my Home-Based care services they used CoVid to limit their follow-through with my brother’s care. They continually used the excuse that there were no caregivers and they implemented numerous one hour blocks up to two-hour blocks of time and used those times for caregivers to take care of other clients, instead of giving him the services his Medicaid Waiver program paid for. Yes, they still charged for the services.

So, during CoVid, I brought cameras into my brother’s apartment. I needed to monitor his care because my ‘gutt’ was saying it needed done. The cameras worked so great in that when there were issues with Paul like falls, his care, training and accuracy of time given my brother, I was able to know. I mainly concerned myself with the “breaks,” so I knew what he did when no one was with him. It was about safety and knowing what amount of time Paul could be alone.

I had no idea that I would find “Time Theft”, “Negligence”, and caregivers “Falling asleep” during their time with my brother!

When the services decided to give me 2 weeks of notice for ending their service for my brother, CoVid (the original variation) found me. I did NOT have time to be sick!! I needed to get to my brother’s and take over his care!!

I was thrust into a situation where Patience and more Patience and more Patience was needed. I discovered, once I took over, just how much “negligence” was happening with Paul and his much-needed routine and daily basics.

  • He didn’t trust that he wasn’t going be dropped.
  • He couldn’t transfer himself without ALOT of assistance.
  • He was still underweight.
  • He was dehydrated.
  • His medication was causing several issues and we needed to get them adjusted.
  • I needed to rebuild his complete care support system.
  • I needed to rebuild his belief and trust in himself and in caregivers.
  • I also needed to learn how the complete WAIVER/PAS-CFC system worked so I could find caregivers and a company to handle the payroll.

I not only moved from Guardian/Advocate to

full-time caregiver (without financial compensation)

PLUS becoming his Agent Representative.

I learned that State Bureaucracies are a muddled mess and as such, I was put on the hot seat to deliver what the “former” services were to provide and STAT!

It didn’t happen quite as quick as that; however, PATIENCE was needed, and it grew.

Adulting requires Patience and Tact supported by Internal Strength that is only built by FAITH, Tenacity, Endurance, Boldness, and Experience. We’ve learned this together as we dealt with the challenges of caregiving and building our Patience together!

Yes, there is more to the story however, THAT will be another post! LOL