Having a “Coffee Break”

Juggling is a great word don’t you think?

It fits my life for I juggle my daily schedule with my husband’s schedule, Stand4Fam, my brother’s life and ALL his services.

It’s been close to a year since Paul’s fall and partial hip replacement surgery, followed by a 2 week stint dealing with intestinal complications. It was stressful, yes, however getting back into my own life, and how that initial 88 days affected it, has been beyond interesting.

I’ve come to realize that everything has it’s own season. Now, it’s getting to where I am more centered within my life and building Stand4Fam’s website training, but I still need to take time and handle several items for Paul.

HOW do I do it and not lose or forget what needs completed?

1) I use my handy dandy Calendar & Reminders on my phone where I keep everything needing juggled.

Do I miss things? Yea, every week.

Is it life threatening? Nah.

Is it embarrassing?

Sometimes, however I get over it as I am able to reschedule.

2) I allow “BLOCKS” of time to handle whatever it is I am doing.

I find that “Blocks of time” allows me the flexibility to reschedule another item/call, if one is taking longer then expected, or work on items that are coming up such as emails, paperwork and meetings. I love it when I am able to accomplish several items within the planned time block because it opens up time for other things I need to do or want to do for me. (I use these opportunities to rest, workout, read or binge on a few fave shows)

Taking time to enjoy everyday MIRACLES

God Bless you and yours Always!

*Please share your tips on juggling your priorities by commenting to this blog. *