I often wonder if I am the only one who “Fights the Good Fight” on behalf of a loved one. 24-7-365 I am the one that Initiates and Ends services, medical connections, contracts such as leases, bills, even relationships that interact with my brother Paul. However, no matter how alone I feel I KNOW there are millions around the world who feel and do what I do. Maybe, not to the extent that I am involved, but somewhere on the spectrum of advocacy and guardianship these family members and advocates provide invaluable service to a loved one. As the Director/Founder of Stand4Fam, I am doing Blogs and VLogs to bring up for discussion situations and ideas I have faced, deal with, and will encounter here on “Let’s Chat!” I encourage you to ask questions, send me ideas via our email or social media accounts what you are dealing with or want to know more about. I AM grateful that God leads me in caring for Paul and I KNOW HE leads me in opening up a unique Vision and Mission to Bringing Families back into the Care of their loved one. You and I are together in this! Love and Prayers Always, Shana

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