I wrote this a few months back after a frightening 2 weeks in August 2020.

“A Month of Surprises and COVid Stupidity”

I am usually a fair minded and levelheaded person who understands commonsense approaches to numerous kinds of difficulties. 

However…and you KNEW there was one coming!

CoVid protocol insanity has gone off the commonsense radar all together! 

In this case it was a hospital, ST. Pat’s (which was bought out by Providence Medical Group based in Washington State). My brother was admitted for what appeared to be severe dehydration. The ER noted an infection but never found it. WHY? WHY? WHY? Because their policy limited who could be in with my brother during his stay and when they admitted him into the hospital they denied him his Voice otherwise known as his Legal Guardian and Advocate (aka ME!). For 2 torturous days I was being denied access to my brother, which led me to try and handle his care over the phone. Completely inadequate, as in order to find out what was happening inside my brother, I needed to see him and talk with him. This isn’t easy since he has a severe TBI and the masks blocked his ability to communicate and to understand whatever the staff was asking or telling him. His short-term memory was not being supported by continual reminders of the reason he was there. He also could not explain that he was in severe pain and was sick in his stomach because the medical team KNEW NOTHING ABOUT HIM and how to COMMUNICATE with him! Yet, they STILL DENIED me to be with him in person. 



He didn’t have it! I didn’t have it! 

They simply ignored him and blew me off. Filled him with IV fluids and brought him out to me covered in pee, no shoes and zero assistance in getting him in my vehicle. They never even once looked him in the eye. 

I saw though. 

He was terrified! He DID NOT know what was going on, why it was happening, WHY he hurt, the day or anything!!!! Can you say I was ready to scream, blow-up and start a Holy War where the only survivors were to be Paul and I? Yep. 

Did I? No. 

My first priority was to get him as far away from that insanity filled place as possible! He needed to be home with what was familiar so he could settle and calm down and then we would find out what was really going on.

He threw up the very next day and was in a ton of pain. The hospital gave him no antibiotics (even though the blood work said there was an infection), no pain meds, no substantial food, no assistance in anyway. It was hurry up, fill him with fluids and get him out.

They decided because he’s disabled, he was not worthy of their full-medical attention or ethical practice and the infamous Medical Code. Without me with him, he wouldn’t say a word as he didn’t know why he was there or what the underlying issue was because he COULDN’T tell them without his Advocate knowing what to ask. They used their hard CoVid policy as the excuse to treat Paul as less than human and ignore his ADAA rights!

By Friday morning, he was in a lot of pain and we discovered his right abdominal area was hurting him. We went to CMC, the other hospital, and the ER found that it was his gallbladder causing all the issues.

He was admitted that evening and I was allowed in with him. He had surgery the next afternoon and over the next 5 days I played a game of chess with the hospitalist and nurses in order to allow my brother the time he needed to show me he was ready to go home. We dealt with his slow moving bowels and getting them working so no Ilieous formed. We had a terrible scare when his Blood pressure dropped to dangerously low levels because of the severe dehydration his body was in and malnutrition. Then it was about getting him eating and having a bowel movement and light colored pee. The final item was an actual assessment of how his body was strength-wise, so I knew what was needed with his caregivers and to assist him in his recovery as there was no way in Heaven, Earth or Hell he was going to a bloody Nursing Home/ReHab Center.

So answer this: If the Hospitals were worried about the spread of CoVid, why did they want me to put Paul in a Nursing Home where getting CoVid was easier?