Negotiation is Always at work

Being an Advocate, Advocating for someone, using Advocacy in order to further a passion or cause are all skills. Some of us come by it naturally through our own personal experiences however, it takes training to do it well.

Let’s break this down a bit as the 3 components to advocacy are significant on their own, however they are extremely powerful when used together.

I) Being an Advocate is more about the person who has chosen to step into this role.

This individual can be a mom, dad, sibling, spouse, significant other, friend, other family member, a paid business or person, someone who is appointed by the courts or government entity or a complete stranger who decided to act for someone they just met or is part of their job.

It begins easily, however, depending upon the person, it can grow into more than simply standing by or standing up for someone.

II) Advocating for yourself or another person takes courage that is inside of you but you may never have realized until that pivotal moment you stepped up!

In the case of my brother, I became his advocate the day he was ready to live a “semi-independent” life where caregivers and direct care services ensured those items his traumatic brain injury affected were handled. (and of course that advocacy meant watching out for my brother’s best interest so that he wasn’t lost within the system)

III) Advocating for a Cause you developed a Passion for. This could be anything really. As simple as recycling or as complex as child trafficking and disability rights. One could love the Classic artists or modern Jazz and want to bring that into your own community. No matter the Cause or Passion, advocacy begins within the person desiring action.

Stand4Fam’s Passion and Cause is to train advocates to act upon their passion for a loved one or for themselves. Our training is all inclusive and adjusts to you and the one you advocate for. It isn’t about a disease, or situation or obstacle. It is about building the strength within you so that YOU can use the tools and skills Stand4Fam teaches to achieve what you need to. Such as…

*Finding Resources

*Connecting with others through Social Media

*Working with doctors-hospitals-clinics to achieve a desired end

*Bringing in outside advocates to support your purpose and vision

*Receiving training and education in “Basics of Advocacy”

*Being able to discover your questions and get your answers

Stand4Fam came about simply by learning from those whom I interacted with over the years for my brother and through several jobs and positions I held while working with Youth organizations and Businesses. Now my Advocacy is to bring Families and Individuals back into their Healthcare where they literally have been thrown out due to insurance policies, pandemic reactionary policies of hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers and businesses.

Contact us at Stand4fam via our email link to learn more!

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